Ride Agenda Wide 154 cm


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Until VR becomes an affordable reality, we will have to continue to go outside and learn how to snowboard the hard way. By sliding down a mountain in the cold and repeatedly falling down. As unfortunate as this reality is, you can make those learning stages easier with the Agenda and its Foundation Core™ and Twin Hybrid Rocker. The Foundation™ Core gives the Agenda a forgiving flex and the Twin Hybrid Rocker lifts that contact points out of the snow for a catch-free ride and easy turn initiation. The Agenda is built for progression as the rockered tip and tail will help float the board in deeper snow and our urethane Slimewalls® add durability and absorb vibrations that occur at high-speeds. The Agenda is a soft-flexing twin that is built to help beginner-to-intermediate riders progress to that next level of snowboarding. If this all still sounds too terrible, there are always snowboard video games. You controller clutching, couch slug.




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Extruded Base
Foundation™ Core
Hybrid Glass
Standard Edge
Standard Top Sheet
Twin Hybrid Rocker Shape

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57kg – 80kg

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All Mountain


305-260-305 R7.2

Ride Agenda Wide 154 cm

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