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The C-8 is an entirely new direction for Ride. We set out to design the smoothest riding binding in the world and the C-8 did not disappoint. The Urethane in the Slimeback™ Highback provides a smooth ride and allows for maximum lateral mobility. The C-Series Performance Chassis pairs an aluminum heelcup with a glass filled nylon base tray. The aluminum heelcup provides the feel and durability of aluminum where you need it while the composite tray offers a damp and responsive ride. The Reversible Ankle Strap provides two riding positions. Ride with the stiff part of the strap on the top for a more aggressive feel or swap the straps so the soft part is on top for more flexibility and lateral movement. The canted footbed aligns your joints with a 2.5 degree angle while providing more leverage over the tip and tail of your board. Integrated rubber PODS make for an even smoother ride. The C-8 is designed for high-end performance


Binding Chassis

C-Series Performance

Binding Footbed

Canted With PODS

Binding Series

C – Series

Binding Basepad

C-Series EVA

Binding Highback

Slimeback™ (Urethane)

Binding Ankle Strap

Reversible Strap

Binding Toe Strap

Minimalist W/ Overmold

Binding Ratchet

Linkage Ratchet

Binding Discs

Aluminum Disc





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Ride C-8 Lime

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