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The most successful among us usually end up receiving the most hate and the Fame binding is no exception. The Fame can’t help that she was manufactured with a flawless Aluminum Infinity™ Chassis System and Adjustable Heelcups, so other binding companies can’t help but be jealous. Plastic bindings just can’t offer a lifetime warranty against bending or breaking like the Fame. The sleek look and responsiveness of the nylon highback can be attributed to the fact that it is shaped specifically to provide comfort and control for female riders. Injected ankle Straps provide lightweight comfort and the unique 3D shaped rubber web of the ThinGrip™ Max Toe Straps provides grip that other bindings can only dream about. It’s these features that make The Fame well known as a responsive all-mountain freestyle binding built for the intermediate to advanced female rider.




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Infinity™ Chassis System
ThinGrip™ Max Toe Strap
Wedgie™ Footbed

Ride Fame

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