Ride Hellcat 147 cm


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Have you ever posted a perfectly-posed Instagram photo with your back facing the camera, a beautiful mountain sunset in front of you, and a wide-brimmed felt hat on your head? Maybe a caption about being photographed “unaware” or something about #mountainvibes? The Hellcat might not be the board for you because it is a serious snowboard for advanced all-mountain snowboarders. The Tapered Directional Hybrid Camber shape has rocker in the tip for float in deep snow and camber from the end of the rocker zone to the rear contact points to keep your edges engaged on hard pack and ice. Combine this with the response and pop of Carbon Array 5™ Laminates and Carbon Slimewalls®, and the Hellcat will sense your complete lack of self-awareness and destroy you. I mean you can pose next to it on the mountain and look really cool. Maybe put a felt hat on it too. Twinsies! The Hellcat is ¾” setback and tapered. Not a twin. Your ignorance is showing. See what I’m saying? You can fake being a snowboarder on the gram, but you can’t fake being a snowboarder on the Hellcat.




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Carbon Array™ Laminates
Cleave Edge™ Steel
Directional Hybrid Camber Shape
Foundation™ Core
Hybrid Glass
Roll in Slimewalls®
Sintered Base
Standard Top Sheet

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39kg -59kg

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All Mountain


293-242-283 R6.4

Ride Hellcat 147 cm

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