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The OMG is like the perfect boyfriend: Fun to ride, with none of the chatter. “What are we doing? Where is this relationship going?” With the OMG the chatter refers to vibration that occurs when riding at high speeds, which is eliminated by our Roll-in Slimewalls®. “Do you even love me?” Stash the feelings, bro. The OMG will keep things more interesting on the mountain than any boyfriend ever could thanks to the pop and responsiveness provided by the LSD Carbon Slimerods® 2.0. The Asymmetrical Twin Hybrid Camber gives you an asymmetric sidecut to improve heelside turn initiation and control, while the rocker in the nose and tail provides just enough float for deeper days and camber between rocker zones keeps your edges dug in on ice and hard pack. All these great qualities make the OMG a mid-flexing park dominator for intermediate to advanced riders that might just make you catch feelings.




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Asymmetric Twin Hybrid Camber
Cleave Edge™ Steel
Foundation™ Core
Hybrid Glass
LSD Carbon Slimerods 2.0®
Roll in Slimewalls®
Sintered Base
Standard Top Sheet

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32kg -50kg

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282-238-282 R7.0

Ride OMG 142 cm

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