Ride Wild Life Wide 158 cm


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The Wildlife is a do everything directional board. The directional hybrid rocker profile has camber underfoot for snap and response. The nose has a little more rocker in the tail for effortless turn initiation and float in soft snow. The Quadratic Sidecut improves stability and edge hold. Slimewalls® provide a smoother ride by damping out high speed vibrations and increasing durability. Topless construction improves durability and reduces weight. The graphic of this board was inspired by our time in Japan last season and features the kamushka or Japanese Serow. The kamushka is a goat-antelope like animal found only in Japan’s dense woodlands. Lucky snowboarders will see them from time to time in Japan’s side country. The softer flex and rocker profile give this board a versatile, all-mountain ride suitable for all levels of riders.



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Laua tehnoloogia

Quadratic Sidecut
Roll-In Construction
Sintered, Stone Ground Base
Carbon Array 3™ Laminates
Directional Hybrid Camber Shape
Hybrid Glass
Performance Core
Single Impact Plate

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68kg – 100+kg

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All Mountain


310-263-310 R7.1

Ride Wild Life Wide 158 cm

439.90 263.94

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