Salomon Antidote


Salomon Antidote Womens Bindings Sz M Great high quality binding in great shape! Salomon Antidote womans snowboard bindings are known for their innovative design. This ensures maximum comfort and high performance for you. Womans snowboard bindings like the Antidote help you to be able to ride all day on the slopes. You can also wear its super comfortable female specific straps. Antidote womans snowboard bindings have an anatomical shape equipped with a female-specific flex. Female freestylers like the Antidote’s new highback design. Plus making sure your feet are fit are Antidotes bi-density heel padding.Salomon has designed the Antidote womans snowboard bindings with Fast Fit toe straps, so you can lock into them quickly. Also the Antidote has a specific instep design which allows for maximum blood flow. You don’t want your feet to go numb.




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Salomon Antidote

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