Salomon Dawn


The truly feminine Dawn Snowboard Boot encourages women to take advantage of their riding strengths. The liner is specifically shaped and supportive for a female foot, resulting in both long-run comfort and a slip-free fit. Powerlace technology, used in all of Salomon’s women’s boots, eliminates the hassle of tying boots tight or finding someone else to do the job. The Salomon Dawn Snowboard Boots are finished with a forgiving flex, high-rise gussets and a single pink stripe for girly style.


High Rise Gussets- Specific waterproof fabric connection between the tongue & the upper that prevents water flow

Soft Feel Liner Construction- Riding has never been so comfortable! Salomon’s all new Soft Feel liner is made out of multidensity foam that goes all around the foot including the footbed. The result is incredible comfort

Foam Autofit- Flat & full length memory foam located in the sensitive areas of the foot for precise envelopment & increased comfort. Speed Powerlace- With no knots to tie, this crank-cinch-and-clip system has made suiting up simple since we first built it into our boots. Saving stress on fingers and keeping laces tight all day long.

Low Friction Liner Inserts- Placed on the edge of the liner for ease of closure & great envelopment. Medium Flex 5, Easy Sole, Authentic women Last, Lace Locking Hooks.

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Salomon Dawn

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