Salomon Grace V2 Light


Here at The House, talking about Salomon Grace Binding. Really, really good women’s binding. Salomon turns out a really durable, really reliable product for sure. What you are looking at on this one, the features are going to be smooth operating ratchet. It’s going to be all metal: so very, very durable, not going to break in cold conditions.
Nicely padded ankle and toe strap. The toe strap on the Salomons is definitely a little bit different than the rest of the industry. What you are going to do when you get into the binding is, you’re just open up like this, set your foot down, and lift up over the boot and then crank down on it. Makes it definitely a little bit easier to get in and out.
From there, you’ve got a tool-less length adjustment for the strap. Tool-less adjustment on the forward lean. I would say medium, height high back definitely going to be good for all-terrain riding. From there, plastic heel cup, plastic base plate, it’s going to take up a lot of that chatter. Other than that, you have a fair amount of padding in the toe, and the heel, and the toe ramp on the front to keep those dogs from catching in the snow. Like I said, really good binding, white and purple, can’t go wrong!


  • Base – Optimix 30/50
  • Adjustable Heelcup
  • Highback – Women Sport Highback
  • Ankle Strap – 3D Anatomic
  • Base Padding – Dual Layer Dampening Pads
  • Adjustable Toe Pad
  • Ratchet – Aluminum Buckle



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Salomon Grace V2 Light

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