Salomon Spell White


Easy to use, comfortable, and engineered with women’s specific geometries, the Salomon Spell Snowboard Bindings are a great way to get started without putting a big ol’ dent in your bank account!

FLEX: Soft – A soft flexing binding is more maneuverable at slow speed and more forgiving in general. This type of flex is great for beginner/intermediate riders and for the advanced rider who prefers a looser more skate like feel for freestyle riding.


– Freeframe Highback – Lightweight and tool-free highback for the best fit possible.

– HB Filter – Unique vibration filtering material absorbs unwanted shock.

– Women’s Specific Geometry – Slightly lower geometry to create a comfortable environment for a woman’s calf without sacrificing the support you need to power through turns.


– 3D Prime Ankle Strap – Revamped construction that matches the tongues in Salmon boots for even, seamless contact no matter how tight you strap in.

– Lock-In Toe Strap – Cored out strap design grips the toe of any boot better.

– Tool-Free Strap Adjustments – Easy on-the-fly length adjustment with no tools needed.

– Women’s Specific Geometry – Custom designed to fit women’s specific boot shapes, this 3D strap padded with Autofit tightly hugs your ankle no matter what the position.

BUCKLES: Composite Buckle – Composite materials combine with the 3 axis mechanism for a super deep throw, with a three point hinge and powerfully smooth adjustment.

Integrated Mounting System (IMS) – IMS is Salomon’s patented technology that keeps your disc screws in place while adjusting your binding angle or swapping out boards. You’ll never drop a screw in the snow again.

Adjustable Toe Ramp – Super easy adjustability for the best possible transmission on toe edge.



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Salomon Spell White

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