Viking Aurin


Viking lady gloves Aurin with Primaloft Gold ECO


The Viking Aurin gloves complement the successful Aurin Mitten gloves. Primaloft Gold insulation, which was used in gloves, is the most important element of gloves, next to the interesting design and materials used. PrimaLoft has very high thermal properties, and as a light and flexible insulating layer it works even on the coldest days. In addition, it effectively repels moisture, because the fibers do not absorb water, ensuring that your hands are always dry and warm. The padding used in the padding is soft and pleasant to the touch, which makes wearing gloves even more comfortable. Aurin combine functionality with a fashionable look. Finishing with natural leather allows for a firm grip and strengthens the areas exposed to damage, and the minimalist style makes it timeless.


Main advantages:

  • Primaloft Gold ECO insulation
  • natural leather
  • adjustable velcro cuff
  • perfect fit



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Viking Aurin

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