Viking Bandana Merino Fleece 4332



Merino bandana with fleece belt


The Viking merino bandana with original Polartec fleece belt is a great option for cooler days. Delicate merino fibers, insulating against heat and cold, may be insufficient protection for heavier frost, so the alternative to the merino Viking is a model with fleece chimney. The bandana is available in pastel colors, very suiting and easy to fit into the wardrobe. Single-color combined with practical black fleece will be a great addition to any sports outfit or urban autumn / winter styling. The high quality and anti-peeling properties of merino wool guarantee longevity of the bandana. Universal size and wide color range will suit both women and men.


Main advantages:

  • universal size
  • light, flexible material
  • non-peeling
  • many ways to wear: as a full head cover, band, balaclava, scarf, hairband
  • made of 100% polyester and additionally enriched with original POLARTEC fleece belt



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Viking Bandana Merino Fleece 4332

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