Viking Bandana Merino Regular



Viking bandana 100% Merino Wool


The Viking merino bandana is made of delicate merino wool fibers that perfectly isolate the body from heat and cold. Thanks to the chipped structure of merino hair, bandana 460/18/4332 is pleasant to the touch and does not scratch, which is often associated with wool textiles. The bandana’s advantage is the flexible size, delicate structure and one-color pastel colors matching both ladies and gentlemen. Wool does not scrub, it is flexible and works with body thermals, perfectly regulating the temperature, which protects against overheating and cooling down the body. The chimney can be worn in many ways – from a traditional shawl to the neck, through a hat / headband, to hair up, a hand-knit terry. The delicate, woolen structure and one-color design mean that the tube can be worn on a daily basis as an ornament, or as an urban shawl, or for sports activities.


Main advantages:

  • universal size
  • delicate, elastic material
  • does not peel
  • wicks moisture away
  • high breathability
  • many ways of wearing: as a full headwear, headband, balaclava, headscarf, shawl, hair up
  •  made of 100% merino wool



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Viking Bandana Merino Regular



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