Viking Bazak


Ski gloves with stitching


High quality workmanship – very good DryZone membrane and top Primaloft thermal insulation – guarantee comfort and satisfaction on the slope in various weather conditions. DryZone protects against wind and water and its parameters are nearly 3x higher than other available membranes. Primaloft, on the other hand, retains warmthwithout absorbing moisture. The undoubted strength of this insulation is that it dries quicker than natural down, which makes it very practical. Apart from that, Primaloft insualtion is very light and flexible. It is durable and allows the gloves to keep the optimal microclimate for a long time. Additional reinforcement ensures glove durability and cushioning. Wide velcro allows for maximum fit of the Viking glove to the wrist. Subtle stitching and contrasting decoration as well as advanced technologies make the Bazak model appeal to a large number of skiers.


Main advantages:

  • DryZone membrane – responsible for water and wind protection, adequate air circulation and discharging moisture from inside the glove.
  • HyperLoft insulation keeps the warm microclimate inside the glove
  • Primaloft – very light and flexible insulating layer, dries quicker than down, protects against the penetration of cold and wind while maintaining air circulation, allowing the skin to breathe freely
  • adjustable cuff
  • wrist pullers
  • wear-resistant material
  • additional reinforcement
  • metal logo



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Viking Bazak


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