Viking Cromac



Sports glove with velcro and stitching on the fingers


The Aqua Thermo Tex membrane and insulation made of microfibers that increase the surface responsible for heat retention are the main advantages of the Cromac model. The glove is additionally equipped with a hand ventilation system, which improves comfort and keeps your hand warm without sweating. This is an undoubted advantage during a long stay on the slopes related to an organized sports trip or a leisure getaway in the mountains. The wrist strap and stitching on the fingers, not only give the glove a sports look, but also protect against snow and cold wind getting inside the sleeve. Thanks to the velcro the cuff can be effectively adjusted to the wrist to retain heat or release it. The wear-resistant material protects the hands in contact with sharp edges, while ensuring the glove will serve for a longer period of time.


Main advantages:

  • Aqua Thermo Tex membrane – protects against atmospheric conditions, discharges moisture, maintains its parameters for a long time
  • Thinsulate – a fabric that retains warmth without absorbing water, shielding the hands from the cold
  • Air Venting System – a mesh ensuring air circulation that helps to wick away sweat more quickly, keeping the hand dry.
  • wrist pullers
  • wear-resistant material



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Viking Cromac


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