Viking Diagonal


Warm ski gloves with elastic panels


The combination of top membrane and thermal insulation ensures an advanced level of warmth and waterproof quality of the gloves, making the Viking Diagonal a warm ski glove. Membrane responsible for wicking away sweat particles and shielding the palm of the hand from water from the outside, keeps the hands fresh and dry. Leather reinforcement and elastic zone construction provide a high level of mobility, an unmatched range of hand motion and comfort. Practical  easy & quick cuff system is a convenient solution that allows for quick and easy dressing. This feature is invaluable on windy slopes, during snow or heavy frost. The leather  reinforcement and the flexible panel give the glove a comfortable, durable form. That’s why Diagonal gloves are the perfect option that will satisfy even the most chilly skier.


Main advantages:

  • leather palm
  • membrane
  • easy & quick cuff system
  • elastic zone construction
  • advanced warm level



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Viking Diagonal

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