Viking Felix


Junior ski gloves with a membrane


The Viking junior ski collection includes another racing-style model, the Felix gloves. The glove is dedicated to older children who are looking for a less childish and more serious style and pay attention to the finish and value. All of these decisive elements can be found in Felix gloves with Aqua Thermo Tex membrane. The additional layer will work well in a variety of conditions when exposed to harsh weather on the slope and increased contact with snow. The ATT membrane, as an additional layer, effectively shields against water and wind while discharging moisture. Thanks to this, the hand does not sweat, retaining the dryness and warmth at the same time, which will be appreciated by both the child and proud parent. The Felix model is undoubtedly a highlight in the Viking ski junior offer.


Main advantages:

  • Aqua Thermo Tex membrane – protects against atmospheric conditions, discharges moisture, maintains its parameters for a long time
  • Thinsulate – a fabric that retains warmth without absorbing water, and shields from the cold
  • wear-resistant material
  • soft protection panels on hand and fingers
  • reflective logo
  • adjustable cuff
  • wrist puller


SHELL | Taslon / Honeycomb
LINING | Anti-pilling Micro Fleece
INSULATION | Thinsulate
INSERT | Aqua Thermo Tex
FEATURES | soft protection panels on hand and fingers



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Viking Felix


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