Viking Femme Fatal



Women’s studded design gloves


Femme Fatale Model includes decorative embroidery combined with studs. The asset of the glove is the cuff that protects the hand from snow getting inside the sleeve. Decorative embroidery with studs adds the glove some character and the available colour range will suit various wardrobes. An undoubted advantage is the use of an additional inner layer – Aqua Thermo Tex membrane – protecting from the wind and water. Thanks to the micropores of the additional layer, water molecules do not get inside the glove, so the hand does not soak and keeps dry. The size of the micropores allows the sweat to vapour at the same time, which prevents the formation of moisture inside the glove. This helps the Femme Fatale glove retain suitable microclimate and keep the hands dry and warm even during long days on the slopes.


Main advantages:

  • Aqua Thermo Tex membrane – protects against atmospheric conditions, removes moisture, maintains its parameters for long time
  • unique combination of embroidery and metal studs
  • very warm and comfortable
  • aesthetic and precise manufacturing
  • wrist pullers for better fit
  • additional inner cuff protecting against loss of warmth



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Viking Femme Fatal

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