Viking Flick



Children’s colorful gloves with a long zipper


Gloves with a long zipper are a great help for parents, especially for young children who need adult help when dressing. Finished with a long side zipper, Viking Flick gloves are practical for several reasons. The zipper spreads over the entire lateral length of the glove, thanks to which the gloves can be easily put on or quickly removed in the event of snow getting inside. Gloves have a very basic cut, are made of polyester and insulated with Thinsulate, which means they fulfill basic functions – they protect hands against cold and snow, provide warmth, provide a good grip and complement the outfit. Available four colorful designs are both girlish and boyish. Thanks to the extended cuff, the gloves overlap the sleeve of the jacket and do not let cold or snow in the sleeve, providing a warm and pleasant feeling during the winter stay away from home.


The main advantages of the Flick glove model include:     

  • long, side zipper     
  • non-slip finish of the hand,     
  • extended cuff,     
  • wrist puller



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Viking Flick


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