Viking Karen Mitten



One-finger Karen Mitten gloves with Primaloft insulation


Gloves Viking Karen Mitten, in the one-to-one version is a sister product of the Karen model in the five-fingered version. The fingers in the middle are separated and each one is wrapped in a pleasant to the touch and soft material. Certainly, putting on and removing the gloves will be effortless, without any persistent wrapping up of the lining. The extended cuff protects against getting cold on the border between the glove and the jacket sleeve. In order to maximize thermal comfort in the construction, PrimaLoft insulation and DryZone membrane were used, which, in combination, perfectly maintain the right temperature inside the gloves, protecting against moisture penetration and providing high breathability. The first barrier against getting water drops into the interior is the natural leather surface finish on the palm of the hand, which also gives a solid grip eliminating the slipping of objects from the palm of your hand. Simple and feminine design works well in the group of winter amateurs on the slopes.  


Main advantages:     

  • finish with natural skin     
  • a perfect fit for a woman’s hand     
  • fingers separated inside    
  • wrist puller     
  • internal cuff     
  • female embroidery



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Viking Karen Mitten


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