Viking Kevin



Black junior gloves with reflective elements


Kevin is atoned down model of junior gloves with predominance of black colour with subtle reflective elements that enhance visibility. The material used is wear-resistant, while the inside of the glove is filled with one of the better insulations – Thinsulate – which guarantees comfort and keeps the warmth inside. Thanks to this, the hand keeps its warm microclimate, and at the same time does not sweat, thanks to the efficient drainage of moisture from the inside of the glove. Durable, wear-resistant material will withstand repeated contact with the edge of the skis or boards during travel and falls. Wrist puller maximizes glove tightness, while reflective elements increase visibility, and thus safety, on the slope. The Kevin model is a must-have for many juniors during a skiing camp or a weekend on the slopes.


Main advantages:

  • Thinsulate – a fabric that retains warmth without absorbing water, shielding the hand from the cold
  • junior glove
  • youthful design
  • wrist pullers for perfect fit
  • hard-palm-shell
  • adustable cuffs with velcro
  • reflective elements



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Viking Kevin


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