Viking Kid



Cool-cut junior glove with cuff – classic and durable


Kid is a great-looking model of glove, which combines comfort with unique design that perfectly fits the ski standars and earned Kid the classic and lasting tag. A wide range of colours and colour-combinations are ideal for both girls and boys. The cuff puller prevents the snow from getting inside the glove and minimizes the unpleasant feeling of cold in the event of contact with snow or wind. Thinsulate insulation ensures long-lasting warmth without absorbing water, leaving the hand warm and dry. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes for easy adjustment to outfits of girls and boys of all ages.


Main advantages:

  • Thinsulate – a fabric that retains heat without absorbing water, shielding the hands from the cold
  • wrist strap for perfect fit
  • adjustable cuff protecting against snow and loss of heat




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Viking Kid

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