Viking Lady Mirabel


Women’s winter gloves with decorative crystals


The Viking winter collection, rich in various product groups, is distinguished by a ladies’ department dedicated to ladies. Mirabel five-finger gloves fit perfectly into this group with their remarkable design and feminine decoration. Decorative crystals and silver stitching adorning a simple, one-color glove are the perfect choice for women’s winter gloves. A great advantage of the Viking Mirabel gloves is the AquaThermoTex membrane that cares for the comfort of warm and dry hands thanks to the micropores that drain the moisture accumulated inside the glove and insulate the hand against cold and water from the outside. Thanks to the Velcro wrist adjustment, the Mirabel gloves can be well adjusted and maximized the heat circulation inside the glove. Strong feminine design and pastel colors will be a great proposition for mature women and girls. In addition to the five-finger version, the Viking Mirabel mitten is also available – one-finger gloves.


The main advantages of the Mirabel Mitten include:

  • membrane     
  • silver-plated embroidery     
  • decorative crystals    
  • Velcro strap



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Viking Lady Mirabel


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