Viking Lady Mirabel Mitten



Warm mittenki with decorative crystals


Women’s popular models of mitts, the so-called mitten, are very often chosen as winter accessories for easily freezing hands. The Viking collection includes, among others, a one-colored model, in a balanced color with a delicate decoration – Mirabel mitten. An undoubted advantage of the gloves is a membrane that ensures good thermoregulation and evaporation of moisture outside through micropores. At the same time, this inner layer cares for hand protection against melting snow and light rain. Thanks to the microporous structure, the holes are large enough to evaporate the sweat, and small enough to not let drops of water pass through.


Mirabel model include:     

  • membrane     
  • silver-plated embroidery     
  • decorative crystals    
  • Velcro strap



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Viking Lady Mirabel Mitten


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