Viking Mallow


Women’s winter gloves with embroidery


Decorative embroidery and use of Aqua Thermo Tex (ATT) and Hollafil technologies are the strengths of the Mallow glove. ATT is a durable membrane that keeps its parameters for a long time. Its role is to protect the hand from wind and water, while wicking away moisture from the inside of the glove. This is possible thanks to the special structure of the membrane. Thanks to this, Aqua Thermo Tex does not let the water inside the glove, but discharges sweat particles outside. Hollafil is an anti-allergic insulation which prevents the emergence of bacteria and fungi, for which moisture is a favourable growth condition. The single-coloured, embroidered Viking Mallow glove will appeal to the tastes of many people. Thanks to the non-slip material, the glove has a good grip, which guarantees confidence on the  slope or ski-lift. The extra cuff on the wrist does not allow cool wind or water from rain or melting snow inside the glove.


Main advantages:

  • Aqua Thermo Tex membrane – protects against atmospheric conditions, removes moisture, maintains its parameters for long time
  • anti-allergenic filling containing an anti-mite and anti-bacterial ingredient; provides warmth and retains its shape for a long time
  • attractive embroidery
  • non-slip palm reinforcement
  • wrist strap for perfect fit



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Viking Mallow


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