Viking Mallow Mitten


Embroidered mittens with membrane


Mallow mitten is a one-finger version of the Mallow model. Decorative embroidery and use of Aqua Thermo Tex (ATT) and Hollafil technologies are the strengths of the Mallow glove. ATT is a durable membrane that keeps its parameters for a long time. Hollafil is an anti-allergic insulation. Thanks to that, the hands are dry and warm, shielded from external condtions. In addition, the insulationprevents the emergence of bacteria and fungi, for which moisture and warmth are favourable growth conditions. Thanks to the non-slip material, the glove has a good grip and works well on the slope when in contact with ski poles, ski-lift or transporting the skiing equipment. The one-colour embroidered Viking Mallow Mitten will appeal to many people.


Main advantages:

  • Aqua Thermo Tex membrane – protects against atmospheric conditions, removes moisture, maintains its parameters for long time
  • anti-allergenic filling containing an anti-mite and anti-bacterial ingredient; provides warmth and retains its shape for a long time
  • attractive embroidery
  • non-slip palm reinforcement
  • wrist strap for perfect fit




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Viking Mallow Mitten

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