Viking Mouthmask Windlocker



Half mask with perforation and additional neck cover


Covering mask with perforation and extention which additionally protects the neck is a great alternative for those who do not like turtlenecks or scarves. Easy and comfortable velcro closure allows for quick dressing or taking off the mask. Extended neck protection protects throat from the wind. Windlocker technology is used in the mask. It is very light
and flexible membrane between two layers of fleece. It protects well against cold, and especially against wind, while allowing the skin to breathe freely. It is non-pilling, easy to clean, quick-drying and wear-resistant. Versatile style and size makes the mask suitable for both men and women. It will work great during all winter activities on the slopes.


Main advantages:

  • perforation
  • extended insert for neck protection
  • easy and comfortable velcro
  • fabric: Woven Windlocker
  • membrane: Windlocker
  • universal size



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Viking Mouthmask Windlocker


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