Viking Natty



Girl’s winter mittens with elegant crystals and fur finishing


Crystals and fur always look charming and chick. Viking’s Natty Mitten single-finger glove is a model dedicated for the youngest girls whose tastes are developing and who want to look like little ladies. The combination of practical solutions with elegant ornaments is ideal for small and adolescent girls. Wear-resistant material and fashionable crystals and fur provide comfort along with a unique, elegant look. Warm and soft fur and shiny embroidey are a must for a little princess. Cotton, non-irritating lining, mitten cut and insulation help keep the hands warm, dry and comfortable in low temperatures both on the slopes and in everyday use on the way to / from school, during walks, sleighs or more elegant family meetings.


Main advantages of the 125/18/0140 model:

  • External faric – Plain Microfibre
  • insulation – soft padding
  • made of materials resistant to wear and damage
  • very elegant girly decoration in the form of soft fur, crystals and silver, glittery embroidery
  • wrist pullers
  • cotton lining
  • soft, artificial fur
  • non-slip palm





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Viking Natty

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