Viking Nika (set)


Viking NIKA – feminine and stylish sports underwear


Compared to traditional universal underwear NIKA thermoactive underwear keeps the sweat further away from the surface of the skin (which is very important in the winter!),  it can absorb 2 times more and is twice warmer at the same time! Importantly, in the excessive sweating zones, the fabric has a fretted structure to better wick away the moisture and places exposed to sweat cooling have a higher fabric weigh. Thanks to its excellent properties it can be used as an additional layer or as an independent garment. This is definitely a proposition for demanding women who engage in sports in a more or less advanced way. It’s a product that not only works well in ski-touring, skiing, mountain kayaking, cycling and running, but it’s also looks great – what else could you expect!


Main advantages:

  • quick-drying
  • seamless
  • high flexibility
  • comfortable
  • second skin
  • Underwear from the Level 2 line of seamless products. Very elastic, fit perfectly to the shape of the body. The use of fretted structure in the excessive sweating zones increases moisture absorption. Particularly recommended for such activities as skiing, snowboarding, mountain hiking, outdoor recreation, mountain climbing, winter excursions.


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56% Polyamide
36 Polyester
8% Elasthane

Viking Nika (set)


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