Viking Pendragon Snowboard


Snowboard gloves with a membrane – ready for any weather


Viking Pendragon snowboard gloves are a must for every weather conditions. Thanks to the Protector System – removable wrist protector – you can feel confident on the slope under all conditions: deep powder or icy slope.
An additional asset is the reinforcement of the palm with a wear-resistant material and a silicone print that works well in contact with ice, branches or the edge of the board.
Practical extended cuffs will shield your hands from the wind and will not let snow inside your sleeve. The Pendragon has a membrane that effectively blocks the wind, discharges moisture from the inside of the glove and protects the hand from water (rain / snow) from the outside. This provides an optimized comfort of use and warmth for a long day on the slopes. The use of adjustable cuff system makes the gloves easy to put on / take off. The combination of subtle color of the Viking Pendragon glove with distinct contrast is easy to fit into the outfit and practical to maintain.


Main advantages:

  • extended cuff
  • Protector System
  • finger top protection
  • adjustable cuff
  • wear-resistant material
  • membrane
  • Silicone palm print
  • Aqua Thermo Tex membrane




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Viking Pendragon Snowboard


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