Viking Polar Balaclava



Warm balaclava with neoprene mouthmask


Short fleece balaclava with neoprene mouthmask is a great proposition for people who often get cold on the slope. Mouth and nose are covered with neoprene material that retains the warmth. Thanks to this, the sensitive areas keep their microclimate, while the head is surrounded by soft fleece. The structure of the fabric is non-peeling and retains its neat appearance for a long time. This balaclava is especially recommended for children. Balaclava will be appreciated by lovers of winter sports.


Main advantages of balaclava:

  • flat seams
  • neoprene mouthmask
  • especially recommended for children
  • fabric: Fleece Anti- Peeling



Maski tüüp


Maski värv


Viking Polar Balaclava

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