Viking Poppy


Girls gloves with long zipper fastener and anti-allergic insulation


Poppy model from the Viking’s junior glove collection is dedicated to those who are looking for a decorative girly accent for their child. The distinguisheing accent of the gloves is a long zipper fastening that performs both decorative and practical functions. It makes the palm look slim and the gloves are easy to put on and take off. A big advantage of the glove is Hollafil – an anti-allergic insulation layer. Its fibers have bactericidal properties, blocking the growth of microorganisms, for which warmth and humidity are favorable conditions. Thanks to the structure of insulation, moisture gets effectively wicked away, to ensure the comfort of warmth and dryness for the hands. Girly floral design decorates the entire surface of the glove and the long zip crossing the surface looks like the stem f a flower. Poppy is a pretty, girly glove that meets visual and practical expectations.


Main advantages:

  • Hollafil – an anti-allergenic insulation containing an ingredient that prevents the growth of bacteria and mites; ensures warmth and retains its shape for a long time
  • wear-resistant material
  • long zipper fastening
  • wrist pullers
  • girly design




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Viking Poppy


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