Viking Primus Pro Primaloft (Man Set)


Primus Pro Primaloft® Men’s Underwear


The product is made of high-quality materials containing Primaloft® Silver Performance fiber and merino sheep wool.
Primaloft® Silver Performance Yarn is a unique yarn consisting of fine polyester fibers that are characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties, providing warmth and comfort during activities.
Merino wool is one of the most valued types of sheep’s wool in the world. Merino fibers are extremely thin, delicate and extremely soft. Due to their natural properties, Merino fibers have excellent thermal properties, hydrophobicity, low weight and high flexibility.
The combination of Primaloft® fibers with high-quality sheep wool merino fibers guarantees perfect thermoregulation, quick drying and high breathability. In addition, the material has a high anti-allergic and antibacterial effect, inhibiting Primaloft® yarn and Merino sheep wool makes the product delicate, soft and does not irritate the skin.
A variant of Primaloft® underwear for women is the Prima Pro model.


Main advantages:

high quality Primaloft® Silver Performance Yarn and Merino
quick moisture removal
higher level of softness
maintaining a normal body temperature
high flexibility
high breathability
environmentally friendly product
high thermal comfort
antibacterial and antiallergic properties
ventilation zones
quick drying
Level 3 underwear – provides the highest thermal comfort

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50% Primaloft® Silver Performance Yarn
50% Merino Wool Blend

Viking Primus Pro Primaloft (Man Set)


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