Viking Ronda



Ronda gloves behind wrist and cuff


The very sporty character of the Ronda glove will be interesting for all amateurs of white madness. The combination of classic gray with black, broken with vivid colors makes it easy to complement the winter outfit. All activities on the slopes will be pleasant when you protect your hands with warm gloves, which you can also adjust with an adjustable wrist and cuff puller to further protect the interior from cold and snow. The material is made of a material resistant to wiping, and the inner part has an additional reinforcement to create a barrier on contact with snow or drops of water and ensure the stability of the hand grip. The Ronda model combines aesthetics and solidity of workmanship.  


Main advantages:     

  • a perfect fit for a woman’s hand     
  • adjustable wrist rest     
  • adjustable cuff puller     
  • non-slip finish of the hand     
  • wipe resistant material



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Viking Ronda

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