Viking Sandia Mitten


Viking lady gloves Sandia Mitten


Stand out among the women’s collection, Sandia gloves will definitely not escape the attention of women who like custom solutions. The original, irregular pattern in subdued gray colors and geometric stitching make this product unique. However, high thermal properties as well as waterproof and breathability parameters testify to its functionality. Thanks to the presence of insulation and membrane, the gloves guarantee great thermal insulation and a barrier against moisture penetration while draining water droplets from the skin outside. The palm surface and fingertips are additionally reinforced with non-slip, durable material, so that the product can enjoy for several seasons.


Main advantages:

  • membrane
  • non-slip hand finish
  • adjustable velcro cuff
  • decorative stitching
  • embossed logo on palm
  • safety straps



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Viking Sandia Mitten

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