Viking Storm


Racing gloves with natural leather finish


Storm 15/16 is a new addition to the Viking racing glove collection for the 15/16 season. Finished and reinforced with natural leather, Storm gloves are great for racing as well as amateur downhill skiing. Round-sewn fingers enhance warmth management and keep your hands in a comfortable microclimate. Thanks to the DryZone membrane, the hand remains dry for a long time. An additional layer of DryZone serving as waterproof cover from melting snow or rain also prevents hands from sweating and soaking and freezing thanks to its high breathability. Storm gloves can be perfectly fitted thanks to wrist fastening and cuffs, thus maximizing the ability to maintain warmth and dryness, protecting against snow, wind and other external factors. The use of Hyperloft insulation helps to keep the hands eveen more warm and dry. The reflective element undoubtedly adds safety and visual appeal to the Storm racing glove.


Main advantages:

  • DryZone membrane – responsible for water and wind protection, adequate air circulation and wicking the moisture from inside the glove
  • HyperLoft insulation that keeps the warm microclimate inside the glove
  • natural leather finishing and reinforcement
  • non-slip material resistant to wear
  • fingers sewn in a round manner
  • additional reinforcement
  • wrist cuffs
  • cuff fastening
  • velcro
  • reflective elements



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Viking Storm


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