Viking Strix Mitten


Warm women’s gloves with natural duck down


The Viking Strix model is specifically designed for people whose hands get cold quickly. Thanks to the combination of popular Hyperloft insulation with natural duck down, the women’s winter gloves are very warm and work well for both sports and everyday use. Thanks to the additional inner membrane the Strix gloves are ensure warmth and comfort of the hand inside the glove, wicking the moisture outside the glove and not letting the water inside. The elastic cuff isolates the hand from the cold, increases freedom of movement, and prevents the snow from getting inside the sleeve. Simple design and classic colours make the Viking Strix model appeal to woman’s tastes and keeps the hands warm for long.


Main advantages:

  • the outer shell is Anderson – durable technical material, resistant to mechanical damage and wear
  • Dryzone membrane – waterproof and windproof membrane with very high thermal properties, does not allow rain, snow or wind to penetrate the glove while simultaneously wicking the sweat particles outside
  • Hyperloft insulation and natural duck down provide excellent thermal comfort even in the most unfavorable and difficult weather conditions.
  • adjustable cuff with easy loosening system
  • wrist pullers
  • toned colours and subtle feminine design
  • extended cuff for even better glove fit and heat retention
  • anti-slip finish of the palm, ensuring the strong and secure grip of the ski stick



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Viking Strix Mitten


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