Viking Sunset


Colorful, teens ski gloves with original print


The tested Thinsulate fabric maintains warmth and comfort, effectively isolating hands from the cold. The additional inner layer in the form of Aqua Thermo Tex maximizes the air circulation inside the glove by draining moisture from inside and preventing water from entering inside. As a result, the hands remain warm and dry, which is important for long days on slopes in various weather conditions and skiing styles which may require more or less contact with snow. On top of providing warmth and driving comfort, the gloves serve as an element of style, raising the originality important for young people. For those who want to emphasize their self-confidence and appetite for risk, the Viking collection features Sunset gloves available in two versions – 5-finger gloves and mittens. The youthful style and colorful design are eye-catching and the silicone print on the bottom of the gloves provides improved agility and grip needed for holding ski poles or… a cup of tea during a break between rides.


Main advantages:

  • Thinsulate insulation – a fabric that retains heat without absorbing water, thus protecting from the cold
  • Aqua Thermo Tex membrane – a modern membrane protecting against external weather conditions, flexible and resistant to mechanical damage
  • original, youthful design
  • silicone prints on the inside of the palm, ensuring a secure and stable grip on the ski poles
  • external fabric resistant to wear and mechanical damage
  • special construction of glove fingers maximizing thermal comfort, providing slender shape, and preventing seams from squeezing
  • wrist cuffs




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Viking Sunset

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