Viking Tosca


Women’s denim-style ski gloves


Denim style and contrasting embroidery mix the sporty design of the glove with urban look, making Viking Tosca glove also suitable for activities other than sports as well. They can be certainly used for everyday activities during more or less frosty days. Thanks to the top Hyperloft insulation, the Tosca model ensures the warmth of the hands that is much needed durig skiing, sleigh rides or a regular frosty day. The side zip facilitates the dressing and removing of the glove, which is practical on the ski slope and in everyday use. Tosca gloves do not have an additional membrane layer inside, so they may not adjust the microclimate, discharge moisture or prevent from soaking as well as other models, which may be a disadvantage during a longer stay on the slope under difficult weather conditions. However they provide basic warmth level to the hands, so they will be a great choice for people who want to the diverge from the sporty style.


Main advantages:

  • simple, universal, feminine design
  • outer shell – Loveland
  • made of materials resistant to wear and mechanical damage
  • non-slip palm finish to provide a better grip on the ski poles
  • extended cuff with fur inside, for better thermal comfort
  • zipper for easy dressing
  • HyperLoft insulation, providing high thermal comfort inside the glove, without absorbing moisture



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Viking Tosca


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