Viking Trex


Trex snowboard gloves with protectors


Viking Trex gloves are a proposition for every snowboarder who values ​​warmth, comfort, comfort and safety in contact with white down. The Thinsulate insulation used is a cold insulating layer that traps heat between the microfibers. The diaphragm while protecting against weather conditions, at the same time guarantees the free removal of moisture from the hand’s skin to the outside. In addition, the extended cuff, wide Velcro for a better fit and adjustable cuff minimize the penetration of cold and snow entering the inside of the glove, even when riding freeride in deep powder. An extremely important element are the wrist protectors built into the glove structure to reduce the likelihood of injury, which will be appreciated by both advanced and beginners on the slopes. Trex gloves are available in four color versions and a large size scale.


Main advantages:     

wrist protector
hand ventilation system
cuff puller with quick release system
hand ventilation system
loops on the wrist that secure you from getting lost
fit the cuff with Velcro
wide size scale



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Viking Trex


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